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Tsubasa Masuwaka Dolly Wink promotional picture.

Name: Tsubasa Masuwaka (益若つばさ)

Born: October 13, 1985 (1985年10月13日)

Ex-Spouse: Naoki Umeda (梅田直樹) (from 2007 to 2013)

Children: 1 Son

Height / Weight : 150 cm / 37 kg

Bloodtype: B


Tsubasa Masuwaka made her debut in the Gyaru scene when photos of her began appearing in several Gyaru magazines, including Popteen. She joined as an official Popteen model, and soon became incredibly popular in the Gyaru scene. The Febuary 2008 issue of Popteen became her last appearence, as she graduated to concentrate on being a Wife and Mother. On January 14th, model Masuwaka Tsubasa announced on her official blog that she and her husband, model Umeda Naoki have filed for divorce.


Tsubasa has her own brand of make-up, called Candy Doll, as well as a similar line that focuses more on false eyelashes, called Dolly Wink. She has also released a line of Circle Lenses, called Bambi Princess Mimi. She has appeared in several commercials for very popular Japanese products, including Pocky, and helps promote, and is the face of, the hairdye line Palty, which focuses on the Japanese Gyaru image. She has appeared in an advert for a perfume called Magic To Love, in which she sung a song with the same title. Some believe it may be considered her singing debut, although it was never released as an official single. Tsubasa Masuwaka still promotes several popular products, and continues her Candy Doll and Dolly Wink lines.


When the company which produces Popteen (Kadokawa Haruki Corporation) announced they would be releasing an 'older sister' style magazine called Popsister, Tsubasa Masuwaka joined the official model line-up. After a successful run in the magazine, she announced in 2011 that she would graduate Popsister, in order to focus on her newly-established singing career, the October 2011 issue was her last appearence.

Milky Bunny[]

Tsubasa Masuwaka made her official singing debut in 2011 under the persona Milk Rabbit. Her first single 'Bunny Days' was a huge success in the Gyaru scene and in Japan, as well as abroad. A limited edition CD included a Candy Doll lipgloss, and a shop in Japan sold limited edition 'Milk Rabbit T-Shirts' after the single's release. Tsubasa has since stated that she will adopt the stage name Milk Rabit from now on, and will make all public appearences under that name. It is yet to be seen if this will indeed happen.

Now, her new single "I Wish" is the most recent opening song for the popular anime Fairy Tail.